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Renting and buying property in Warsaw

Real estate agent in Poland, Anna Isai
  • I find options that satisfy all your needs

  • I make moving easy and comfortable

  • I know all the nuances of lease and purchase agreements

Rent an apartment or house

Buy an apartment or a house

Rent commercial real estate

Buy commercial real estate


Спальня в кочовому стилі
Individual selection

- this is the selection of housing according to your personal requirements, going beyond the scope of existing apartments at work. I focus on your request and select the most suitable apartments. You just choose the option you want, and I handle all the arrangements and work from searching to signing the agreement. 


Individual selection is provided if:

  • your requirements go beyond the average apartment (number of rooms, condition, cost);

  • there are requirements for a specific location, district of Warsaw;

  • you have a large family, from 3 adults or from 3 children;

  • you have pets;

  • you need to find property urgently, settlement is required in 2-3 days;

  • if you need an office or other commercial real estate;

  • if you need a private house;

  • online selection.

Price: 80% of monthly rent

Advance payment: 400 PLN

Ordinary selection
Інтер'єр будинку

— this is selection of property from the base of available options. I give you such options and you choose what suit you more.


Ordinary selection is provided if:

  • you need an ordinary property of number of rooms, condition and cost;

  • the tenant is one person, a couple without children or with only one child;

  • you have no pets.

Price: 65% of the monthly rent

Advance payment: 200 PLN

Розкішна ванна
Independent searching

— type of searching when I give you acces to my base of properties and you search for a suitable one by yourself.
My support starts from the view until the singing of the agreement.


Independent searching is suitable if:

  • you have enough time for searching;

  • you need an ordinary apartment in terms of size, condition and cost.

Price: 50% of the monthly rent

No advance payment


If you do not know the language and it is difficult for you to adapt yourself to the living conditions in Warsaw, you need the help of someone who lives here and will take part in decision-making.


I can provide the necessary information and consult on the following issues:

Adaptation in Poland

I will provide all necessary information and advise about life in Poland:


  • Help with documents: what, where, how to arrange.

  • Household issues with the apartment: internet, insurance, service - cleaning, plumbing, electricity, apartment repair, furniture.

  • Help with language: courses.

  • Infrastructure information: schools, kindergartens, gyms, private institutions of various types, etc.

1 hour - 200 PLN
  • Current housing prices in Warsaw.

  • Which district is better to choose in Warsaw?

  • What is an occasional contract and how to sign it?

  • What you should pay attention to when searching for real estate.


Additionally (150 PLN): 

  • Analysis of your lease (if applicable).

  • Agreements with your landlord about certain clauses in the lease and editing.

  • Any other assistance if you are self-renting.

Renting or buying real estate in Poland

1 hour - 200 PLN

It guarantees the seriousness of your intentions. I focus on your searching and spend more time in finding options for you.


Prepayment can be returned if:
• during 24 hours I didn’t start selection of options for you and you refuse.


Prepayment cannot be returned if:
• I start the selection and gave you options of property;
• we had at least 1 viewing of property (online/offline).

You need a real estate agent in Poland if:

It’s difficult to form a request for property

You need to be sure of the reliability of owner

It’s hard to communicate with owners because of different language etc.

You don’t have time for searching

You don’t know all nuances of the agreement

You have non-standard requirements

I will help you find an apartment in a few steps:


You fill out the form and I contact you

I analyse your request & we select the type of selection for you

We start searching of options


From the options found, you choose apartments for viewing

We had several views and chose a suitable one

Singing the agreement

For owners of properties in Warsaw

If you want to rent/sell a property quickly — you can work with me

I provide full support of your property in Warsaw:

  • home staging;

  • promotion;

  • selection of tenants or buyers;

  • preparation of documents and support at all steps.

Click button and send the form, I will contact you!

My advantages

Sincere desire to help

Reviews of my clients

Volodymyr Kuropiatnyk

I will start my mini review about the work of Realtor Anna. It all started with the fact that I urgently needed to find housing from October 1, as the landlady decided that she would not renew the contract. I found Anna on social networks through friends who had already used her services as a realtor. Next, we began to choose different housing options with a budget of up to 3,000 zlotys, and to have modern furniture and stable wired internet. And over time, we found a place to live, and Anna helped me contact the owner (because I still don't speak Polish well). Immediately after the first viewing, a deposit/reservation was made and the contract was drawn up already on October 1. Thanks to Anna for helping me find a normal apartment, which is many times better than the previous one

Natalia Rudenko

They decided to move to Warsaw from Turkey. I turned to Anya because we work together at @matkeringoffice I really liked the fact that Anna immediately took into account all our wishes (cat, high floor, new house, budget). The first selected option completely satisfied all our requirements. A qualified answer was always given to all questions that arose. Definitely recommend!👍🏻

Lisa Shake

Good afternoon, we wanted to thank the realtor Anna for her professionalism😍 On the first day, there was an online viewing of a suitable apartment right away, everything was accessible and understandable. Although we do not know Polish, Anna was able to translate and establish contact with the landlords. Thank you very much for such a wonderful work❤️

Halyna Levchenko

We recently rented an excellent apartment that Anya found for us, taking into account all our wishes and recommendations. Competently and specifically agreed with the owners of the apartment about all the nuances of the lease, which were important for coordination. I really enjoyed working with such a polite, open and responsible girl. Anya helped us both with the apartment question and gave us a lot of useful information that helped us to adapt better, because we were in Warsaw for the first time and did not know anything about the city. We highly recommend her as a specialist.

Taras Savchak

Good day. We would like to express our family's gratitude to realtor Anna. A very pleasant and professional person, quickly found us the apartment we really wanted. We are very grateful to her for her great work, be sure to contact her.

Natalya Komarova

Good afternoon! I apologize for not writing earlier. All good) Thank you very much for your care, for your attentive approach, for your professionalism and support! ❤️ It was comfortable to work with you from the moment we met. I have already recommended you to my friends.

I will find the best option for you and solve any question or need!

Do you have any questions?

You can contact me in one of the messengers:

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